The Portland Society for Calligraphy Presents:

Elucidare – Lettering as Image and Complementary Textural Writing

A Workshop with Suzanne Moore
Saturday, October 13th and Sunday, October 14th, 2018
9:00am to 4:00pm both days

PCC Sylvania 
Room HT309
This workshop is for Intermediate to Advanced students.
Tuition: $160 member, $190 non-member
Supply fee: $8-12, payable to the instructor

Registration opens August 27th, 2018
(Do not postmark registrations before this date)

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About this Workshop
Elucidare is a Greek word meaning “completely bright and clear; from lucere – to shine.”
How does the interplay of writing and painting make the message of the text shine? When do letters dance, and work and image create the perfect balance in a 2D piece or on the pages of a book?
The transformation of ideas into material form is the universal challenge to visual artists. The creation of illustrative lettering – abstract or legible – and complementary lettering of text is the unique question lettering artists face. Working with a text in one of these themes: the natural world, creativity / creative process, or philosophical/spirituality, we will begin by experimenting with various tools, familiar and unusual, in black on white papers. Responding to the content of a chosen text, painting will enhance the design, and textural writing will complete the pages for framed work or a future book.
Students are asked to complete a pre-class assignment, choosing a text and exploring/developing lettering that is reflective of the verbal content of the passage they wish to use in class. Day one will focus on expressive, inventive writing, legible and abstractions, to create lettering-based images and consider coloration. On day two we will consider the rhythm, pattern, scale and the subtleties of textural lettering design that might best convey the chosen passage to create a balanced design.
Participants will work with lettering as image and text, to make the message shine.
Background / skills for success:
• exploratory spirit
• good proficiency with at least one contemporary lettering style (Italic, Roman, or similar)
• facility and/or interest in water media
About the Instructor
Born to a family of gifted engineers and inventors in post-Sputnik middle-America, Suzanne Moore is a painter, print maker and lettering artist whose eclectic interests fuse in the diversity of her artists’ books.  She melds word and painted image with form, content and structure into spaces which invite the reader to engage, examine and inquire.  Moore’s books blend distinctive design, color use and surface treatments with textual content and contemporary lettering to create work that obscures the line between word and image, legibility and abstraction. Her work is included in numerous private and institutional collections in the US, Europe and South Africa.

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