The Portland Society for Calligraphy Presents:

Adolf Bernd Letters & Decorated Versals with Peter Thornton

A Workshop with Peter Thornton
Saturday, April 28–Sunday, April 29
9:00 am–4:00 pm both days
Location: Portland Community College
Sylvania Campus    
12000 SW 49th Ave
Portland, OR 97219
Room TBD
This workshop is appropriate for all levels
Tuition: $165 member / $195 non-member
Registration opens April 2, 2018
(Do not postmark registrations before this date)
About this Workshop
This workshop will begin with a gentle review of colour and tonal exercises in both ‘harmony’ and ‘contrast’ that are an integral part of Adolf Bernd’s letters.
We shall focus on the tonal subtlety found in Bernd’s work with projects using natural objects as colour studies (a leaf, stone, flower, etc.), as Bernd himself did. There will be exercises to explore the rich reservoir of the many subtleties found in ‘neutrals’ and grays, both warm, cool and inert that will give us a more sustained sense of beauty and satisfaction in our colour palettes. 
A feature of this workshop will be to work with spontaneously drawn letterforms (some based on Versals) and backgrounds that will utilize our new subtle colour palettes, as well as incorporating our own colour choices and preferences.
About the Instructor
Peter has been a full time professional and enthusiastic calligrapher for over forty-five years, working in the UK in a studio producing Books of Remembrance, and civic and royal certificates. He has taught widely throughout the UK, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, South Africa, the US and Canada, traveling to the US three to four times per year for twenty-eight consecutive years. Peter has taught at over twenty-five international conferences in the US, Canada and Europe. In 2006 he moved to Tennessee, where he and Sherri now live and teaches weekend and extended workshops for guilds throughout the US and Canada. He also teaches private classes in his home studio in Traditional Gilding, Letterforms and Layout and Design in more focused, intimate classes and student-specific levels.

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