The Portland Society for Calligraphy Presents:

Finding Your
Inner Picasso

A workshop with Mike Gold
Saturday, April 27th and Sunday, April 28th, 2019 
9 AM – 4 PM both days

Location:  Portland Community College, Sylvania, CT 113

This workshop is appropriate for all levels. Some background in calligraphy/letter arts is desirable.
Tuition: $165, members, $195 non-members
Supply Fee: $20, payable to the instructor

Registration opens March 1st, 2019
(Do not postmark registrations before this date)

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About this Workshop
This workshop will feature exercises and projects that will bring out the artist in you. We will look at some of the principles and ideas behind the works of Picasso, Klee, and contemporary non-traditional calligraphic artists. Collage was key to both Picasso and Braque in developing their work and modernist visual vocabulary and we will use it here, too. Various other media will also be explored as we work on wood and paper. This workshop is designed for calligraphers looking to move beyond traditional letterforms and calligraphic compositions. In this class, letters are seen as line, shape and form and compositions may or may not be readable. Like Picasso, we will break conventional rules, work spontaneously, and be guided by personal vision rather than practical function. You will work in a fun, no-stress environment and learn some techniques and methods that will assist you in any of your artistic or calligraphic pursuits.
About the Instructor
Mike Gold has worked as a commercial lettering designer for over 30 years, mostly in the social expressions business. But his real passion is exploring the corridors of calligraphy that have been less traveled, the path where words and letters are design elements with which to play with line, shape and form, where creating a visual statement is more important than writing a readable text. In both his professional and personal art, Mike breaks traditional rules to create contemporary, non-traditional work.
Collaboration has been a feature of some of his personal work. He especially cherishes the work and teaching he did with Judy Melvin and his 25-year involvement with Scribes 8, a collaborative group based in New Mexico. Over the last 15 years or so Mike has worked mostly on his own, developing a practice that builds on the traditions of the past, influenced by art and artists of all kinds. Being a calligrapher in the 21st century, Mike has matured at a time when calligraphers are moving calligraphy in new directions, creating new traditions, just as all artists have done over time. He still make beautiful letters and write out texts, but also explores the abstract, the illegible and the conceptual.
Teaching calligraphy to inmates at a women’s prison is his most unusual teaching experience. His most unusual commission comes from Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, who reproduced one of Mike’s designs on a line of clothing. Mike has an M.A. in Visual Communications and has studied with many outstanding lettering and design masters over the years. Mike has taught around the country and at several international calligraphy conferences. His personal work has been featured in Letter Arts Review many times over the past 25-plus years. He is the author of Lines to Live By (available through John Neal, Bookseller), which is Mike’s take on being a non-traditional calligrapher in the 21st century.

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