The Portland Society Of Calligraphy Presents:

Play on Writing/Writing Textures

A workshop with Denise Lach


The word texture comes from the Latin word textura which means “yarn weaving”. It also applies to the links of the chapters of a literary work, as well as the mineral constitution of rock. In the 15th Century, a gothic small letter is named “textura” which points out its precision and the way of interlacing each letter to write a word.

The participants will practice interlacing letters starting with their own handwriting to calligraphic lettering. Thereafter, we will be free of legibility and experiment with a playful approach to a wide range of writing textures.

The objectives of this workshop are to explore the endless possibilities of creating textures and to enrich a graphic vocabulary considering design and composition.


 Denise Lach is a French calligrapher who teaches screen printing and script design at the Ecole de Design in Basle, Switzerland. Both the playful and textural aspects of her writing are a major part of her research. She regularly exhibits and teaches in France and abroad. She contributed to André Gürtler’s book Experiments with Letterform and Calligraphy and written Free and Equal in 2000, Preambles and Forewords in 2006 and Schriftspiele in 2009 which was published in English as Calligraphy, A Book of Contemporary Inspiration. 

Denise studied at the Basel School of Design where she now teaches, and is a committee member of the Swiss Society of Calligraphers. She has exhibited regionally and internationally, and has taught calligraphy courses in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, Canada and in the French Alliance parts of Southern India and Sri Lanka, Bangalore, Madras and Colon.

Date: Saturday and Sunday, February 29 – March 1, 2020
Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Location: PCC Sylvania Campus, Room CT 113
Level of Workshop: All levels
Tuition: $160 (members) and $190 (non-members) which provides membership through 2020.

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