Calligraphy from Past to Abstraction


This course moves from looking at historical Italian scripts from old manuscripts in the Medici Library collection in Florence. We will look at five different hands, choosing one as our base for developing a new alphabet. Normally, the teacher provides models of writing, but in this case, is there to encourage students as they study their chosen manuscript in detail, and begin to develop their own kind of writing. Students will pay attention to the rhythm, ligatures, spacing, characteristics, and uniqueness of the chosen letter style. Building on our skills, we will breathe new life into these classic forms, making them unique and personal. We will infuse them with our own personality and sensitivity, our experiences and emotions, to bring them to life! Our end result will be a booklet of our practice pieces.

Session recordings: Recordings of sessions will be provided within a day after the conclusion of each session, and remain available for two months following the last class.

Facebook Page: A private Facebook page has been created for this workshop. The site will be a place where students can share their work following each session and where Massimo can review and critique student work.

Handouts, etc.: A set of workshop handouts, any guidelines and other course details, including the Zoom link to the first online session, will be made available to attendees a week before the first session.


Based in Turin, Italy, Massimo Polello has worked as a calligraphic artist for over fifteen years. Massimo explores classical and contemporary applications of calligraphy in art and graphic design. These include packaging design and logos for companies, museums and individuals, as well as applying his designs to walls and for interior design.

Recently, Massimo has taken part in major global competitions, given workshops on calligraphy, and displayed his work in group and solo international exhibitions.

Massimo combines classic techniques with stylistic experimentations embellished by the use of innovative and unconventional media. He loves to use recycled materials in a transformative way.

Calligraphy from Past to Abstraction
A Five Session Workshop Presented by Massimo Polello.

Date:  November 20th, 27th, December 4th, 11th and 18th.

Time: Class sessions held from 9:00am-11:30am (PST).

Location: Zoom. A Zoom meeting link will be provided to registered students a week or so before the initial workshop date. Create a Zoom account before the workshop at:  It is free to enroll!

Level of Workshop: It would be helpful to have some background and experience in lettering hands before the course, though prior calligraphic experience is not required.

Class Size:

The class will be limited to not more than 100 students

Tuition: $130.00 for current PSC members. $160,00 for non-members, which includes registration fee for the workshop and annual membership. Non-members, in addition to paying the membership fee, will also be prompted to complete the membership questionnaire, as well as the workshop questionnaire.

Registration Open!


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