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Adventures in Pointed Pen Workshop to be rescheduled

In-person events remain so difficult to plan. Mindful of rising Covid-19 cases, and committed to ensuring a safe workshop environment, we have decided to postpone our live workshop with Karen Ness. We look forward to exploring the Pointed Brush together with Karen in the near future. You won’t want to miss this wonderful workshop! Stay tuned!

What Brody Neuenschwander says about Karen:

Karen hosted my online workshops for a full year, providing invaluable feedback on all aspects of the courses. She has a sharp eye for detail and puts in the hours of hard work to make a course run perfectly. Karen is charming and effervescent, bringing sparkle and good cheer to everything she does. She is an incredibly engaged and engaging teacher, giving both the broad picture and the detailed technical instructions needed to push the student’s calligraphy forward. I am sure her workshop on pointed brush calligraphy will be a valuable experience.

What Massimo Polello says about Karen:

I met Karen for the first time in Saint Petersburg where we both taught classes. Sometimes, I was sneaking in her class and the people looked very excited and enthusiastic. I saw in her a very rare sense on method of teaching, with original ideas and sense of humor and joy that made the workshop feel easier. I would like be a student of Karen for sure.

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