Our Member Teachers

The Portland Society for Calligraphy is very lucky to have many talented calligraphy teachers in its membership. Some are well known and respected internationally. In addition to teaching workshops hosted through PSC and other calligraphy guilds, they also provide classes independently, or through local community colleges. Many calligraphic hands, as well as a variety of techniques are covered in their courses.

You can find a list of classes currently being taught by these teachers at the link below. We invite you to take a look, and see if anything interests you.

Calligraphy classes are offered on a regular basis at Portland Community College and Mt. Hood Community College.

These classes are not sponsored by PSC. Any questions you have about the courses should be directed to the teacher.


Teacher Information
Class Description
Class Date and Time
Penelope Culbertson


(503) 997-7474

A variety of small, ongoing online Zoom classes at $10 each
I’m presenting a script at class, then working one on one with each student to help them achieve it.
Also, some students are attempting to complete a finished piece during class with suggestions on layout, etc…


  • Italic
  • Italic Handwriting
  • Pointed Italic
  • Uncials
  • Carolingian
  • Versals
  • Gothics
  • Bookhand
  • Akim
  • Layout
Class hours starting on January 3, 2023

Sunday – 3:00pm PST

Tuesday – 3:00pm PST

Saturday – 2:30 PST – Beginning Italic





Carol DuBosch



Calligraphy Workshops that I’ve previously presented on Zoom are available on my website as recordings. Access to the workshop recording includes the exemplars and copies of any pages written during the class.

The Workshop Recordings available: Calligraphic Spirals, Italic Calligraphy, Stars & Orbs, Gothicized Italic, Neuland, Folded Pen, Stamp Carving, Hand Embossing, Monoline Italic, Uncial, Jubilee Script, Ben Shahn Lettering, Bone Script, and Two Pages at a Time.


Sue Greenseth



Calligraphy – Neuland & Uncial

Students will have the opportunity to learn two calligraphic hands during this nine-week course.

Neuland is a chunky letter style designed by Rudolf Koch in the early 1920s. It’s a surprisingly versatile script, and can feel light and soft, as well as bold and jarring. There are many versions of Neuland, and it’s easily adaptable to many applications.

Uncial was commonly used from the 4th to 8th centuries by Latin and Greek scribes. It’s simple, rounded strokes make it a lovely choice for many contemporary projects. Uncial is relatively easy to learn.

Every Wednesday from 9:30am to noon. The first class begins on Jan. 11, and runs through March 8, 2023

MaryEllen Hartman



I offer the following classes & workshops through Portland Community College Community Education


Exploring traditional calligraphy styles w/dip pen & ink plus other writing tool options

Calligraphy workshops
(vary term to term – see PCC listing)

1. Holiday Card workshop = working w/mixed media designing from examples I provide & learning to use basic watercolor techniques,printmaking techniques & collage w/ calligraphy

2. Experimental styles of calligraphy using Speedball B nibs & Pilot Parallel pens

3. Decorated letters based on drawn versals from manuscripts

Most of my classes are Saturday morning & afternoons (refer to PCC listings). I teach every term.
Sally Penley
Painted Papers

December 10, 2022, 11:00 – 2:00 Pacific Time

Description: In this 3-hour workshop, you will explore the world of painted papers using water-based media on a variety of papers for various effects. You will learn several different techniques for creating rich, vibrant backgrounds for your drawings or calligraphy, or just beautiful standalone papers that can be used for bookmaking, specialty wraps, cards or other paper-based projects. You will receive a sample packet of papers and an instruction booklet that will hold your painted paper samples. No art experience necessary.

Please see www.sallypenley.com for a list of current classes offered.