When: Monday, November 11, 2019
6:30 for Pre-Meeting Activities
7:00 for Meeting

Where:Trinity Episcopal Cathedral | 147 NW 19th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

With the title taken from Randall’s forthcoming book Teaching America How to Letter: The Speedball Story,  this exciting presentation details the history of American commercial lettering, the birth of the Speedball pen, and the emergence of the Speedball textbook as a singular American influence for the training of letterers worldwide in the 20th century. The turn of the 20th century was the age of invention, and the bent-nib pen was invented during the birth of modern advertising, the emergence of the department store, and the evolution of the show card industry. As the needs for lettering changed, so did the letters themselves, and the Speedball Textbook, as the only continuously published textbook on lettering over the past 100 years,  has become a chronicle of the evolution of commercial lettering.

Randall M. Hasson is an artist, calligrapher, instructor and speaker who has appeared on the faculty of Arts, Lettering Arts, and Educational Conferences in the United States, Canada and England. He owned and operated The Randall M. Hasson Gallery from 2000 – 2013 in San Diego, CA and Santa Fe, NM. He is the author of articles on a variety of Art or Lettering Art related subjects and has appeared as a mainstage presenter and/or teacher with lecture topics covering Public Art, Art History, the Painting Process, Collaborative Art Projects, and the History of Writing including the recent invention of the ADLaM Alphabet in West Africa. In 2015, he co-edited of the 24th (Centennial) Edition of The Speedball Textbook. Randall is currently writing and designing his forthcoming book Teaching America How to Letter – The Speedball Story, a history of commercial lettering and American show card writing in the early 1900’s. It is due to be published by Letterform Archive in 2020.

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