The Art of Etegami

When: Monday, May 9, 2022

Time: 6:45 Pre-Meeting Zoom

7:00 Meeting

Where: Zoom online

Presenter: Sally Penley

Come learn about the fun Japanese art of Etegami—creating postcards with simple painted images and a few heartfelt words or a haiku intended to be mailed to a friend or loved one. Etegami literally means “picture letters.” You don’t have to be a fine artist or a seasoned calligrapher to enjoy this simple art
form (and you’ll support the USPS in the process!)

About the artist:

Sally Penley is a graphic designer and left-handed lettering artist living in Olympia, WA. She is a former art director and communications consultant for clients in both the public and private sectors. Sally’s first love is calligraphy, a journey she began over forty years ago, studying with such masters as Lloyd Reynolds, Jaki Svaren and Tim Girvin, among others. In addition to her passion for calligraphy, Sally has long enjoyed making Asian-inspired “marks” with handmade sumi brushes and simple tools to create textural images with sumi ink. She is a full-time working artist/designer at her studio in downtown Olympia. 

Supply List:
  • Watercolor postcards
    • A small-to-medium sumi brush
    • Sumi ink
    • Fine Sharpie marker and/or Tombow fudenosuke.brush pen
    • Pan watercolors (like Prang)
    • Water container
    • Signature stamp or chop, if you have one

Get the handouts here:

What is Etegami?

Etegami Alphabet

Make a Spring Etegami