When: Monday, March 11th, 2019
6:30 for Pre-Meeting Activities
7:00 for Meeting

Where: Trinity Episcopal Cathedral | 147 NW 19th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

Encounters with Insular Majuscule

A presentation by Stephanie Byrd

Many of you know Insular Majuscule (often called Insular Half-Uncial) as the script used in the Book of Kells. This is a night for admiring the beauty of these letters, discussing what makes them so gorgeous, and trying out some strategies for writing them. We will be focusing solely on the letters, not the manuscript decorations.

Bring a Mitchell size 1 nib if you have one. If not, a Brause 3, a Speedball C-2, or a 3 mm Pilot Parallel Pen (with the green cap) will work just fine. (Bonus points for anyone who can bring a 3 mm quill, which would be the ideal tool.) Bring your favorite paper and ink to work with. Guidelines on letter-size paper will be provided. I will also share some of my personal work using Insular Majuscule and Uncial variations. I can’t promise that we will learn the whole alphabet—this is just an evening for appreciating and starting to get to know an intricate and satisfying medieval hand.

Stephanie Byrd has been studying calligraphy for eight years. In addition to studying with our amazing local teachers such as Carol DuBosch and Christine Colasurdo, she has studied at Cheerio with John Stevens and at international calligraphy conferences with Sheila Waters, Julian Waters,  Denis Brown, and Carl Rohrs. She has served on the board of the Portland Society for Calligraphy for four years, including two years as chair of the communications committee. When life as a mother of two wild monkeys permits her, she works as a freelance graphic designer and takes just about every calligraphy workshop she can find the time for.