When: Monday, March 8th, 2021
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Learning Calligraphy Online

Presenters: Carol DuBosch, Tatiana Gebert and Amy Bennett

The ideal way to learn calligraphy is in person, with an experienced teacher. But the pandemic temporarily put an end to that. So calligraphy teachers found a new way to teach: virtually! Carol DuBosch estimates that since June she’s taught 114 hours. 42 classes, and1500 students from 32 countries. She reached many more students, in many more locations, than with her “pre-Zoom” teaching.

This is a wonderful opportunity for students: access to great calligraphy teachers all over the world who are teaching classes online.

Join PSC members Carol DuBosch, Tatiana Gebert, and Amy Bennett for a panel discussion about their virtual learning experiences. Carol will share her perspective as both a teacher and student, and Tatiana and Amy will share their experiences as students. The panel will give an overview of the different formats for online classes as well as some tips of how to prepare for a class as a student. Following the discussion, the panel will also be available to answer questions about online calligraphy classes.

Carol DuBosch is well-known to PSC members. She says: “Any day that I can open a bottle of ink is a good day. It gets even better if I can create art, make a mark-making tool, or teach what I know to someone. Words are my muse and I love being able to use them as a lettering artist.”

Amy Bennett describes herself as “an artist, calligrapher, papercutter, and incurable introvert who is thoroughly enjoying the global community of virtual art classes.”

Tatiana Gebert says “I have loved drawing letters since childhood. I started classes with Jaki Svaren long ago, then continued with Carol DuBosch and Cora Pearl after decades of interruptions. Working remotely has allowed me to cross off wonderful classes with people on my bucket list. I am in heaven.”