Tall Grass Lettering with Cora Pearl

Where: Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
When: Monday, March 12, 6:30 pm

Join us on March 12 to learn Tall Grass Lettering with Cora Pearl.

Monoline lettering with Speedball B-nibs is delightfully easy relative to the usual calligrapher’s tools of the broad-edged pen and the pointed pen. Because the thickness remains the same throughout each letter we do not have to think about pen angle or pressure on the nib as much as we do with the more traditional nibs. For this reason, this class is suitable for all levels of experience with lettering. Tall Grasses letters were created by Cora Pearl for one of her Design classes. These were inspired by looking at tall grass and the letters are tall and bend and sway. There are many possibilities for using these letters on their own or combined with other styles and tools. This class is a good choice for students who want to learn a new lettering style, for students who want to explore the use of B-nibs, and for students who want to write modern style letters.

Exemplars and guidelines will be provided.

Please bring the following items:

  • Speedball B-3 nib
  • Nib holder
  • Higgins Eternal black ink
  • Canson Pro Layout Marker paper 9” x 12”, Gilbert Bond paper, or another practice paper that can show guidelines through it