Colored Pencil Meets Decorated Letter

Monday, June 11 • 6:30 pm
Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
147 NW 19th Ave, Portland Oregon

6:30 pm—Pre-Meeting Activities
7:00 pm—Program

Colored pencil artist and calligrapher Ellen White will lead us in a hands-on program with tips and tricks for the use of colored pencils as we explore decorated letters.

We’ll supply different kinds of paper for people to try (with an image already on it), as well as some tools for blending that members can try, such as Gamsol, colorless blender, and dry brush.

Please bring a selection of your favorite colored pencils and watercolor pencils, and a small, flat brush.

You can take a quick look at Ellen’s portfolio of colored pencil pet portraits here.

Don’t miss the special half-hour before the program (6:30–7:00 pm) with intriguing demonstrations of offhand flourishing, spirals, and half-uncial.