When: Monday, February 10, 2020
6:30 for Pre-Meeting Activities
7:00 for Meeting

Where:Trinity Episcopal Cathedral | 147 NW 19th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

Working with Bister Inks

Bister inks originate in the U.K. and are used commonly by European calligraphers. They come in powder form, similar to walnut ink, both in how you work with them, and in how they behave on the page. They come in a variety of earthy tones and my favorites are red, yellow, blue and green.These inks were first introduced to calligraphers here in the US by Amity Parks in her “Bold and Blended” workshops. 

This presentation will cover many practical aspects of working with Bister inks. We’ll talk about various tools and papers. Several techniques for blending the inks will be illustrated. They can be mixed with other inks as well, or with fine-tecs for special effects. 

To encourage further investigation of the inks by the participants, each will finish the evening with a small sample of each color to experiment with at home. A little bister goes a long way!

Carol Orange was first introduced to calligraphy by Robert Palladino in 1983. She carefully stored and transported her little box of supplies around the world for 30 years before discovering the Reed College scriptorium in 2013. Since then she has been an active member of PSC, benefitting from the expert teachings of Carol DuBosch and Cora Pearl, as well from many great workshops along the way.