When: Monday, December 13th, 2021
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A Drop from the Ocean of Arabic Scripts        

Presenter: Elinor Aishah Holland, https://harmonyofline.net/

The art of lettering in the world of Arabic script is well developed. It is like a vast ocean from which rivers and streams went in all directions across the globe for centuries. In this program Elinor will take a brief look at some beautiful samples of this art through its long past as well as its current practice, and examine the tools and methods of writing and learning this amazing art.

About the artist:

Imagine someone who teaches both Arabic script and curvaceous Copperplate.  That is Elinor A. Holland. She fell in love with ink and pens at an early age, but didn’t receive formal training till a young adult. Her passion and enthusiasm for calligraphy began during a visit to Istanbul as a teenager. Finding the study of Arabic calligraphic forms difficult here in the US, she discovered the NY Society of Scribes and undertook an education in Latin lettering. Her path eventually let her to master scribe Mohamed Zakariya. She received an Icazet, or calligraphic certification in two forms of Arabic script in 2013.

Elinor is a calligrapher of Latin and Arabic scripts. She teaches regularly for the NY Society of Scribes and at colleges, art centers and museums in the US and Canada including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History and The Smithsonian Institute. She has exhibited in Kuwait, Sharjah, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and the throughout the US.