When: Monday, December 14, 2020
6:45 for Pre-Meeting Zoom
7:00 for Meeting

Where: Zoom Online 

My Unlikely Path to Tattooing

My presentation will briefly discuss early tattoo history and the events that shaped the course of modern Western tattooing. I will explain my entry into the industry, the mentoring I received, and how I transitioned into becoming an artist. I will showcase three styles of tattooing I know well (American Traditional, European Traditional, and Single Needle). I will conclude with several examples of tattoo lettering styles.  

About the Artist:

James is a professional tattoo artist and owner of the Wolfsbane Tattoo Collective in Portland, Oregon. James spent most of his professional life in Washington, DC working as a financial analyst in banking regulation. In 2014 his sister gifted him his first tattoo for Christmas. He fell in love with tattooing and resolved to change careers. He lives with his wife Vanessa and their seven month-old daughter Zinnia in Southeast Portland.