Calligraphy Workshops

The Portland Society for Calligraphy hosts workshops on a variety of calligraphic styles throughout the year, and all are welcome to attend. We reserve priority registration for our members, so apply today in order to secure a seat in the class of your choosing!


All members in good standing receive registration priority for all PSC workshops. To make sure you’re able to secure a seat in the workshop of your choice, become a member here!

Crazy Illuminations
A Five Day Session With Loredana Zega 

Crazy Illuminations

Join us as Loredana share her passion for gold illumination with her students, exploring its use in other than a traditional context. Loredana enjoys experimenting with all types of gold: from various gold colors in tubes, in pans and, of course, the special ones – gold leaves. In this course, Loredana will demonstrate the use of real gold leaf, the so-called “fake” versions and variegated gold leaves as well. 

REGISTRATION: Opens May 3rd, 2021

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Textura With Dry Brush
A Five Day Session With Loredana Zega 

Textura With Dry Brush

Join us as Loredana demonstrates how to use a flat brush as a tool. Lettering with a rather dry brush creates marvelous traces of colors and textures which is why this brush technique goes so well with Gothic hands and their patterns. The subtle lines and soft touches of the brush will change the student’s appreciation for how calligraphy exercises should be: light and soft. 

REGISTRATION: Opens 9:00am May 10th, 2021

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A Note From the Society’s Board of Directors and the Workshop Committee 

During this stressful time, when all of us are dealing with the challenges and disruptions to our daily lives caused by the pandemic, the Society’s Board of Directors and the Workshop Committee have been exploring how best we can proceed to provide our membership and the greater Portland calligraphy community with meaningful lettering opportunities while we are unable to attend in-person workshops. Regrettably, social distancing and location closures necessitated that we postponed three previously planned workshops through this June; and it may well be that the circumstances will not permit yet additional in-person workshops to take place during the summer months and maybe for some time thereafter. 

However, we want to take a positive step forward, and avail our calligraphic community of remote gathering technologies that are so much of how businesses and other associations are currently operating. With that in mind, we have scheduled the Society’s inaugural online full one-day workshop using Zoom technologies. 

While the Society will closely monitor whether and when we can safely resume conducting in-person workshops, the Society will be actively pursuing plans to offer additional online courses while circumstances necessitate this format. 

While we continue to explore how to adjust our plans to best address the current limitations imposed by Covid-19, you are urged to periodically check the Society’s workshop web page for announcements of both updates to the schedule of our already planned in-person workshop, and to learn about new online classes that we expect to be offering as we head into the summer months, and perhaps beyond.

 Also, we are actively looking at ways to reschedule to future dates either the several workshops which we already found necessary to postpone, or those which we may need to prospectively postpone.

See a list of upcoming 2019 – 2021 workshops »

Artwork by Carol DuBosch

Learn from our talented Member Teachers

Many of our incredible members teach calligraphy classes and private lessons in and around the Portland Area. You can view some of their offerings and feel free to reach out to them directly to book lessons or attend classes. All interactions and arrangements with the following individuals are between the two parties involved, and PSC does not act as a liaison for arranging or scheduling such lessons.

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