Don’t Miss This Premier Exhibit Opportunity

Writings from the Scriptorium: Then and Now


Exhibit Dates May 21-June 30, 2024
Application to Exhibit March 25 – April 30

Mt. Angel Abbey Library 

1 Abbey Dr.

Saint Benedictine, OR  97373


March 23    Application to Exhibit opens

April 30      Application deadline, PLUS email gallery label information

May 1           Deadline to mail in your Letter contribution for collaborative piece.

May 18        Laughs Lines & Letters drop off work

May 20       Exhibit Hanging (for those volunteers helping)

May 25       Opening reception and social at the Benedictine Brewery

June 30     Last Day of the Exhibit

July 15       Pick up work at Laughs Lines and Letters (LL & L)


  • This unjuried exhibit will feature members’ calligraphy that explores old scripts, modern/abstract, illuminated and/or illustrated.  These are works from your personal scriptorium at home or wherever you do your work.  

  • Any member may submit 2 works, with no size limitation, however, the largest panels that the art will be mounted are 3’x 7’.  Artists of all experience levels are encouraged to participate, artwork is not juried.

  • 3-D works are accepted and will be installed in locked display cases.  Cases are approximately 6” high, 4’ wide, and 2.5’ deep.

  • Submit high-resolution photos (300dpi jpeg) if you want your work submitted for promotion.

  • Art must be framed or mounted ready for hanging.  Framed pieces shall have a wire firmly mounted to the frame.  D-rings work nicely.

  • Any work that fits the theme can be submitted – including pieces previously shown.

  • New work is encouraged.  There will be two work session opportunities at Laughs Lines & Letters.

  • April 20  Work session – Framing hints and some photographing help.  The first opportunity to drop off work.

  • May 18  Drop off work. Some photography opportunities (if your work is still unframed)

  • The author of any quotes shall be cited, providing credit to that artist.

  • Submit the information requested in the links located to the right of the IMPORTANT DATES. 

        Collaborative Alphabet 

        In addition to your personal pieces, you are invited to participate in a collaborative piece for this exhibition!  Each participating member will select an available letter of the alphabet (and numbers if needed) to scribe in any style they choose.  Attend a LL&L, member meeting or contact Katrina or Rosemary to pick your letter (early!) Using white or offwhite paper; centrally locate a 2”x2” square inside a 3.5 x 3.5” square piece of paper.  Your Letter will NOT be returned to you.

        Contact Rosemary Tobiga to be part of making this cool event happen.