Dialogues With Our Muses



We dedicate Dialogues with our Muses to Christine Colasurdo and Clifford Mansley, Sr. Their lifetime passion for their craft and the beautiful work they created continues to inspire us all.

Thank you for visiting PSC’s 2021 annual member exhibit. The art is shown alphabetically by the last name of the artist. To see a larger image of the art and information about the piece, please click on the image. You can move through the show by selecting any tile you want to open, or, once you’re viewing a piece, you can easily navigate through the show using the forward and backward arrows.

Some of the work shown here is for sale. Viewers who are interested in purchasing a piece can contact Larry Whitson at whitalex@comcast.net using PSC Art Purchase as the subject line. Larry will put potential purchasers in contact with the artist.

If you see a series of asterisks (***) where the price of the work is typically written, it is an indication that prints or stickers of the work may be available. Please contact Larry Whitson at the above email address for more information.

We hope you enjoy the exhibit and we extend our gratitude to the PSC members who are sharing their talent and work in this exhibit.

The PSC Exhibits Committee,

Peg Falconer

Cynthia Schubert

Larry Whitson