Art in the Pearl

September 3-5, 2022

A Show of Hands

Every Labor Day weekend, Art in the Pearl transforms a few blocks of city park into one of the country’s top fine art festivals. For the second year in a row, PSC drew crowds to their booth in the artist demonstration area.

Two large tables were staffed with 3-4 scribes at a time, writing in their script of choice, for a never-ending line of people. Another 2-4 volunteers answered questions, kept the lines orderly, and explained their love for the art of beautiful writing with people of all ages. In total, 20 PSC members and two husbands dedicated 125 volunteer hours to planning and executing the event. A big thanks to Martha Gioia and Judy Large from the Outreach committee for their work coordinating everything.

PSC volunteers showcased their most dramatic calligraphy for the crowds, who were rightly impressed. From kids shyly excited to see their names written in fancy letters to those reminiscing about when they did calligraphy back in the day, Portland Society for Calligraphy reminded the community at large that the art of beautiful writing is far from dead.

All together PSC wrote names for over 1,300 people.


The Numbers:
20 – Number of PSC Members who volunteered at AITP
125 – Total PSC hours volunteered
1,314 – Number of names written
130 – Number of artists who showed their wares at AITP
11 – Total number of guilds who demonstrated at AITP