Dialogues with Our Muses 



Entry Deadline: Wednesday, August 11, 2021

DIALOGUES WITH OUR MUSES is the theme for PSC’s 2021 Annual Membership Calligraphy Show to be held during the months of September through November, 2021. All current members of PSC are encouraged to participate. It will be a virtual exhibit accessed through our website. The online opening program will be held September 8 at 7 pm. At the end of November the exhibit will be archived on the PSC website.

MUSES:  Members of PSC are encouraged to spend some time with their Muses, looking  for inspiration for completing a piece for the show. Of course, there are those nine Greek Muses to whom we can turn for inspiration but there are many other Muses in our lives: mountains, rivers, birds, writers, activists, books, art, spiritual guides and religious leaders, pets, children, chocolate.

DIALOGUES:  The term “dialogue” as part of the show’s theme was chosen to encourage members to respond with our own words to whatever inspiration a Muse has sent forth: a walk in the woods may inspire an original haiku, a few words from a favorite author may move one of us to write about why those words resonate, a beloved (or disliked) poem may give birth to a poem in response, a dynamic zoom class teacher may inspire some of us to develop an original script for writing out the alphabet.

MY OWN WORDS?: Not all calligraphers and lettering artists want to use their own words. Those of us who find inspirations in the writings of others are welcome to use those words.  In order to write out and post the words of another person, calligraphers need to get permission to do so if the work is copyrighted.

Including copyrighted text without permission in the show puts the individual calligrapher and our guild at risk of legal action by the copyright owner. That risk is heightened by the fact this exhibit will be posted on-line.


• Members may submit two works.
• There is no size limitation.
• Frames, glass glare or mats should not be visible in photographs.
• Artwork should include only original imagery.
• If you use words other than your own, please make sure that those words are in the public domain and not copyrighted. Generally, works older than 100 years are in the public domain, but there are exceptions. To make sure a work is in the public domain, type into a word search engine (such as Google): “Are the words of ___________ in the public domain?” Just be sure the site you use is reputable.
• If the work is still copyrighted, you must contact the copyright holder for permission.
• Remember to always give credit on your artwork to the author.
• We will not publish copyrighted work for which the calligrapher does not have permission to use.
• We will not publish works from people who are not members of PSC.
• Work must have been completed within two years of the submission deadline and not shown in a previous PSC exhibit.
• Work must have been executed without step-by-step instruction, but it may have been critiqued by a teacher or critique group.
• Please write a 50-word artist statement for each piece.

Entry Requirements


Dialogue with Our Muses Entry Form

Dialogue with Our Muses Photo Requirements