The Portland Society for Calligraphy was founded by Lloyd Reynolds and a group of his students after a long alliance with the Society for Italic Handwriting in England. Portland Society for Calligraphy is the oldest calligraphy guild in the United States. We were first known as the Western American Branch of the Society for Italic Handwriting. 

We offer an extensive workshop program aimed at all levels of skill. Our teachers include internationally renowned calligraphers as well as local talent. We sponsor an annual weekend retreat during the month of February at the Menucha Retreat Center in the beautiful Columbia Gorge. The Guild also exhibits members’ artwork in an annual non-juried show.

Joining the society

Becoming a member of your local calligraphy guild is a great way to find friends, mentors, and professional contacts. Our guild contains some of the area’s most notable and accomplished scribes, as well as a number of newcomers looking to dip their pen for the first time. 

We encourage you and your friends to come and visit us during one of our regular monthly meetings (September-June), and see what all the fuss is about. When you arrive, make sure to tell someone it’s your first time visiting and we’ll be sure to make you feel right at home.

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Upcoming Events

Blackletter: Circles on Steroids Presented by Tamer Ghoneim

Jump on board with Tamer as he takes you on a journey, first learning or reviewing a simple yet versatile Blackletter alphabet. In later sessions Tamer will teach students how to bend the letters into calligraphic geometries and patterns, exploring potential variations of each character, flourishes, and practice tips and tricks.

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Capitals As Text and Tiny Paintings As Graphical Elements

Beth’s workshop explores the use of text capitals and creation of texture in chosen texts. Beth will teach this with small broad-edged and pointed pens, through the manipulation of letter spacing, color changes, and other design decisions.

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January Member Meeting

Holly Monroe with a gallery of her work.

Decorative Letters

Let’s talk Decorated Letters! Starting with gorgeous letters from antiquity, Holly Monroe will walk us through the beautiful and creative world of decorated and illuminated letters from the Middle Ages.

PSC Calendar 
January 10– PSC Member Meeting
January 17– PSC Board Meeting
January 22– First session “Blacketter on Steriods” Workshop with Tamer Ghoneim
February 19– First session “Capitals as Text & Tiny Paintings as Graphical Elements” Workshop with Beth Lee
March 10– First Session “Text and Texture: Calligraphic Marks and Nature” with Yukimi Annand